Monday, April 11, 2016

Ama's Watch: Now Available in Paperback ($9.99) & eBook ($3.99)

Just as the title says, my new book Ama's Watch is now available on Amazon! Click here to buy it!

Wanna know more about what the book's about? Check out this commercial!

Not much for videos? Here's the description!

Ama's Watch is a satirical medieval spiritual comedy about two bumbling assassins seeking justice for their people and the true meaning of happiness. 

When the benevolent king of Intus inherits seven corrupt advisers from his late father, the assassins Livens and Rubeus seek to kill every adviser in a single night. As they move from one target to the next, the assassins discover they misjudged the obstacles keeping them from success. It is not the members of the night watch, not the advisers' guards, nor even the personality-burdened advisers themselves. Rather, it is the assassins' own rambling conversations. 

The assassins' run through the city prompts discussions concerning everything from pie to the Goddess Ama, while the debate over which assassin is the other's hallucination proves the most pressing question. Even Livens' own self-doubts are tested when he ponders the meaning of happiness as posed to him by Caritas, the baker's daughter, who may know more about the advisers and even the assassins themselves than she's letting on. 

Ama's Watch features layers of comic, psychological, and spiritual depth, subtleties fans will research and debate for years to come, and a delightfully unreliable narrator who will sow a desire in readers to return to the novel after the explosive conclusion.

Not convinced it's an awesome book yet? Click here to read an excerpt!

And if you want to see where everything started, here's the link to the original Kickstarter!

Again, click here to buy Ama's Watch on Amazon!

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