Thursday, February 4, 2016

Temple Square Reminder - Throwback Commentary #56

With tomorrow's post being another #faithfriday, I thought I'd sprinkle some awareness in the water.

I think what's beautiful about the original post is the part where I talk about what the Salt Lake Temple represents for both me and for the saints who built it. 40 years of concentrated dedication to the construction of that structure.

Would I be willing to work 40 years on something to make it as close to perfect as I could? After all, I've only been working on Ama's Watch for around 15 months. I'm not sure I have the dedication to work on something for much longer. But those saints certainly did.

Maybe you're struggling in school right now, or maybe you've had some trials hit you, or maybe you're not sure which step you should take next. I promise that as you trust in what you believe, things will turn out best in the end. Put in that trust, and even if it takes 40 years, you may find something amazing.

Tomorrow I'll be devoting a post to explaining exactly what Mormon temples are. Either way, I'll see you soon.

Hey there! This is a commentary discussing the post I wrote on December 6, 2014. Click here to read it!

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