Monday, February 1, 2016

LAST DAY FOR SIGNED COPIES - My Novel's Kickstarter

Today is your last chance to get limited edition Ama's Watch swag!

Want a signed copy of the book? Well, by selecting the Bonus reward for the House of Snake Tier, you can get one for $30! Who knows when I'll be willing to sign any more?

Click below to offer your pledge!


But wait! There's more!

Want your NAME IN THE BOOK? Only $1!

Want that and limited edition BOOKMARKS? Only $5!

Want that and a DIGITAL COPY of the book? Only $10!

Want that and a PHYSICAL COPY of the book? Only $20!

Want that and TWO physical copies of the book? Only $30!

Want that and ONE of the copies to be SIGNED? Only $40!

Want that and BOTH of the copies to be SIGNED? Only $50!

Want that and a limited edition EXCLUSIVE SHORT STORY? Only $65!

But that's not all! After the kickstarter is over, lose your chance to receive these rewards indefinitely! You could miss out on ...

... having your name in the book's acknowledgements and on the official Zachary James website!

... an exclusive rough digital preview of the work-in-progress Courting Disaster, edited with critical advice by Carol Lynch Williams!

... Ama's Watch bookmarks!

... Ama's Watch bumper stickers!

... Ama's Watch t-shirts!

... a signed copy of Ama's Watch!

... an Exclusive short story set in the world of Intus!

Don't miss out! You won't regret it, I promise!

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