Saturday, February 27, 2016

What You Taught Me About Freedom of Speech

So goes the headline.

Quite frankly, I thought more readers would deny they still have the right to Free Speech. Instead, everyone claimed the opposite. Even better, every commentator raised good points that I didn't previously consider.

For starters, though Freedom of Speech is alive and well, it is threatened. It seems our nation is split down the middle in regards to political correctness. Some people believe in nothing but political correctness, but others constantly vilify their opponents. It seems there are very few vocal supporters for a more moderate approach, like good old-fashioned tact.

And sometimes, just because you have Freedom of Speech doesn't mean you should always use it. So many people jump into debates and discussions without having any idea what the issues or sides are. Some people seek to intimidate or drown opposing voices by blustering about and tearing down others. If you foster nothing but confusion or frustration, back take some time to learn as much of the story as you can before diving back into the fray.

As for me, I've always felt like I have Freedom of Speech, but that's mainly because I've never been worried about defending my understanding or understanding others' defenses.

My challenge today is for anyone who might feel their voice is oppressed. Raise it anyway. If someone challenges you, defend yourself and challenge them right back. You'll find your Freedom of Speech in that very moment.

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  1. I like what you said about tact. Many confuse political correctness and common decency. If one thinks about the phrase "political correctness," one thing should stick out-it's use is for political reasons. Common decency is being aware of others feelings and being conscious of how one's actions and words affect other people. While there is some overlap between these two ideas, too often people forego kindness and use language to better their social or political standing in the eyes of those who feel marginalized. In realoty, this only marginalizes all parties
    As the alleged offenders are ostracized and the supposedly marginalized group simply becomes a tool to exploit. On the flip sode, kindness and tact allows people to express how they truly feel in a way that others can think about and then judge as to whether it is valod, moral, etc. Just my two cents!

    1. Thank you for your comment! It meant a lot, and was eloquent besides. :)

    2. Having typed this on my phone, I missed all of the spelling and grammatical errors... oh well haha

    3. Having typed this on my phone, I missed all of the spelling and grammatical errors... oh well haha