Tuesday, February 9, 2016

V-Day Week 2016: What Girls Want Guys to Know (and Vice Versa) - Thinkjoust Tuesday #35

Welcome to the blog post with the longest title ever, but you should have seen my original attempts. Here's an example.

V-Day Week 2016: In which I invite a discussion between guys and girls to determine which facts about each other the two genders wish they understood on an intimate level - Thinkjoust Tuesday Number Thirty-Five


If you managed to make it through two overly-long titles, then you deserve to make your voice heard.

I plan to use Saturday's post to write my thoughts about ...

1.) What girls wish guys knew.

2.) What guys wish girls knew.

However, I can only do this if you add to the discussion. Your comments are essential to helping me accurately portray the thoughts of your respective gender.

Say anything you want! Want to say nice things? Comment below or on social media! Do you want to vent your grievances about the opposite gender? Comment anonymously! Either way, your comments will be featured on Saturday's post.

Not sure what sort of stuff to say? Here's an example, something I want girls to know about me.

I understand that a lot of girls want to be chased, and I'm willing to chase. However, if I'm the only one putting in any effort, there will come a point when I give up on you. I believe a relationship should be built on mutual respect, trust, and equality. I don't want to chase you if you're just making yourself a prize to be won. That degrades my role in our relationship because I am made to feel inferior to you, and it degrades your role in our relationship because you become less of a person and more of an object of my desire.

There's my comment! Add your own, and I'll see you Saturday!


  1. "Girls wish guys knew that we aren't that hard to understand. Really guys make it harder than it needs to be." -Valerie Terry

  2. "Guys wish girls knew" If you have an interest in us try to give us a hint that isn't too shrouded in ambiguity. You don't have to straight out tell us, but it's a lot less intimidating to ask somebody on a date if you think they have some interest already.

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  4. “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.” Albert Einstein

    I wish (for both, but specifically men) tried harder to take on a female perspective when thinking about their needs. There's taking your best guess at what she needs, and then there's ACTUALLY trying to understand her and her needs by an extension of that. I wish people were more aware of others and actively tried to strengthen relationships instead of assuming it will come with time (it will: but time AND work). Girls around here generally speaking in my opinion act under the "say yes to any first date" rule, I wish guys were more bold in asking-or at least a little less shallow in who they ask. There are a lot of great people who slip through the cracks by not looking like a hollister model. Anyways, but these all go both ways!

    1. so, not that it matters, but I ran into this quote (at the top) again in my notes for class and I'm not 100% sure if it's Einstein or Bettina Arndt. Just something worth noting.

  5. I think guys want girls to be more straightforward. If you're not into us, don't lead us on.