Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life is Like Running on a Soccer Ball

Let me break down my life right now.

I am taking 10 credit hours. I also show up to and participate in a 3-credit class, in which I am not enrolled.

I am working about 15 hours a week at Future House Publishing.

I write a blog post and structure a social media campaign every day, which can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours.

I am working on several other personal projects, including the novels Ama's Watch and Courting Disaster.

I'm also trying to be physically active, as well as maintain an active dating life (which is going great right now, thank you very much ;).

If I were to utilize an overused cliche, I would say I'm juggling a lot in the air right now. But who likes reading overused cliches, am I right? So I say my life is like I'm running on top of a soccer ball.

I'm not behind on anything. Everything is right on schedule. I feel confident in my successes, and am learning from my mistakes. I haven't fallen off the soccer ball yet, but I'm going to have to keep running hard to stay on top. And who knows? Maybe my efforts will score me a goal soon.

What is your life like? Juggling? Running on top of a soccer ball? Something else? Be sure to comment below!


  1. I'm rolling down Mount Everest in a tractor tire. Im not 100% sure where I'm going, I don't have much control, and it's a little painful. But I'm rolling!

  2. What about bouncing around inside a soccer ball?