Friday, February 12, 2016

V-Day Week 2016: A Love Letter to Love (Poem)

Let's stop and pretend for a moment today.
If Love were a person, this is what I'd say.

Love! You're a person now? Well, whoop-de-doo
because I despise you. I really, really do.
My hate spilleth over, an overflowing cup
And I'll tell you why. Take a seat, listen up.

I am tired of the way you always lead me on.
You show me the world, and then it's all gone.
You tell me, "Don't worry, I'll find you someone better."
But that's not keeping my eyes from getting wetter.
You promise me another chance, you promise me a change,
you hand me cupid's arrow, place new targets on the range,
but no matter how well or precise I aim,
I miss all my shots, giving others the gain.
"You lose potentials fast!" you go ahead and say.
"Better luck next time, come back another day."
You know me by now, I've heard it all,
name me a duck, "Forever Alone" is my call.
No matter how many times I release my string,
when it comes to being single, I am the king.

You see what you do, Love? I am filled, prefire,
because you taunt me with unfulfilled desires.
I hate you, I want you to die, you're scum.
Sometimes I want you to go back where you're from!

But wait. Hold on. I didn't mean to yell.
Hear a few more things that I still need to tell.
I may hate you, Love, but I love you, too.
Let me tell you all about the good things you do.

You gave me warm hugs from my father and mom
during stormy days as we waited for calm.
You gave me siblings, who taught me some stuff
like when to be gentle, and when to be rough.
You gave me friends who always have my back
who defend me from sadness, pain, and attack.
You gave me strangers, who didn't care where I'd been,
who gave me a home when I asked for an Inn.
You taught me how to use you in kind
to release darkened shadows from my loved ones' minds,
and when all hope was lost from my eyes,
and I pierced the heavens with pleading cries,
petitioning God to come into view,
he only needed to send me you.

Oh, Love, I'm so grateful you're a person now.
I've wanted to chat, and I didn't know how.
Tried my hardest to thank you, by living with this power:
Give love to everyone, each and every hour.

If Love were a person, this is what I'd say.
But love isn't a person. So love someone today.


  1. Maybe not super applicable but what came to my mind as I read your poem: "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." -Alfred Lord Tennyson