Saturday, February 13, 2016

V-Day Week 2016: Misunderstandings Between Guys and Girls Have One Solution

This last Tuesday, I released a post entitled "V-Day Week 2016: What Girls Want Guys to Know (and Vice Versa) - Thinkjoust Tuesday #35." I asked you all to give me some feedback, and then I'd report today.

I found an interesting common theme in all of your comments.

Girls About Guys

This is a text message from my sister. I forwarded it to my email and took a screenshot.

Guys About Girls

I could easily address all of these concerns with many solutions. Instead, the solution can be found in only one word. I'll make it three so it will stick in your head better.


That's right! All your confusion can be solved with ... COMMUNICATION!


Do you feel like you don't understand what a girl's thinking? Ask her about it! Communicate!

What if your girl's mad at you for something you don't understand? Say sorry to her! Act the big man and communicate!

What if you're worried the girl you're taking on a date won't like what you choose to do? Make several plans, and give her options! Communicate!


If you like a guy, just tell him straight up! If you don't like a guy, just tell him straight up! Communicate!

Communicate, dang it!

I honestly believe open communication would resolve much of the 'drama' that occurs in the dating scene.

The thing is, nobody wants to communicate because everyone's worried about getting their feelings hurt. So we keep secrets and hide and act coy and then everyone gets confused. But dating is kind of like American football. When you play the game, there's a high chance you might get hurt.

There's no avoiding it.

So why are we cringing?

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