Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Should the US Raise the Minimum Wage? - Thinkjoust Tuesday #34

A lot of people feel as though the minimum wage is too low, unable to pull employees out of poverty. Others feel as though the minimum wage should stay about the same, but rise with inflation every year. Many long-term employees facing the prospect of living off minimum wage for the rest of their lives demand it be raised.

I plan to use Saturday's post to present my up-to-date opinion about the minimum wage. However, I want to gain a full understanding of the different viewpoints about this issue. My studies will include any arguments you deliver via the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

For those of you looking to understand more about this issue, check out these recent articles:

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  1. Just carefully draw a "5" after the "1" on a one-dollar reserve note. It might say $15 dollars now, but it's still only worth one.
    If you start paying unskilled laborers as well as craftsmen, the cost of labor for the craftsmen will increase. This causes inflation. Remember Jamaica? Remember paying $700 for a basic meal at KFC? Their dollar wasn't always that worthless.

  2. If people aren't willing to work for minimum wage- then companies will naturally pay more to their employees, so they can continue to get the necessary jobs done. But that's not the case- people are willing to work for minimum wage. It's a simple principle of supply and demand. Government interference in increasing the minimum wage would throw off the natural process of supply and demand.