Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Rhinoceros Technique in Dating - Thursday Thought #4

During Valentine's Week 2016, I talked about how people can clear up all misunderstandings between genders with proper communication. That particular post was designed to help people maintain and develop pre-established relationships.

But let's talk about communication in regards to romantic interests.

Let's say you're a (guy/girl) crushing on a (girl/guy). You think they're attractive, or fun to be around, or just very, very interesting. However, you're not sure they would feel the same way. What do you do?

In my case, I would use what I call the Rhinoceros Technique.

It's simple, really. Imagine a rhinoceros charging forward. Anything with a brain will get out of the way, and anything without a brain better hope it's made of material strong enough to withstand five thousand pounds of wild animal. If the rhinoceros wants to get anywhere, by golly, you better believe it can.

So the same with relationships. If you're interested in someone, be a rhinoceros, charge in, and tell them how you feel. One of three things will happen.

(1) They might not be sure, but be willing to feel things out.

(2) They might not feel the same way.

(3) They might, you guessed it, actually feel the same way.

Sure, some disappointment might come if the first, and definitely the second, turns out to be the case. But what do you really lose if you just say how you feel? And if they feel the same way, think of what you have to gain.

So, the next time you're spending way too much time wondering about your crush, consider this. And let me know in the comments if it works out!

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